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Our approach

Platform Anode Retrofit RetroPod Deployment from Deepwater

Acteon takes a fresh approach to marine and subsea operations

Acteon is not constrained by a requirement to maximise the use of manufacturing assets or a fleet of vessels. This means that we are free to deliver services that align with what the clients need rather than those that serve our business objectives.

Our approach places a high priority on innovative thinking, defining the most appropriate tools and techniques, and modifying existing systems or developing new solutions so that they deliver exactly what our clients need and can afford.

Reduced cost, risk and complexity

The innovations Acteon operating companies devise and develop give our clients a wider range of options for marine and subsea activities. The business benefits to our clients are reduced cost, risk, and complexity, all made possible by our more-efficient working methods.

Acteon operating companies are industry leaders. Our integrated services approach, delivered through the Acteon field life service team combines and manages the delivery of operating company products and services to offer a high degree of flexibility, exceptional service quality and a track record of fresh thinking. This provides our clients with unrivalled support for projects of all sizes and complexities across all the industry sectors we serve.

Big Offshore wind-farm with transfer vessel Big Offshore wind-farm with transfer vessel
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We understand your challenges and see your opportunities. Acteon supports the offshore renewable energy, nearshore construction and oil and gas industries by delivering commercial and environmental benefits and helping to enable the energy transition. Download our brochure to learn more.

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