Acteon is at the forefront of the offshore industry’s drive to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency. The goals of the Acteon field life service team are to create new and disruptive commercial and technical offerings that deliver these outcomes and to overcome unresolved challenges in subsea asset ownership throughout the life of a field.

Customers that need more than one product or service from an Acteon operating company can contact the field life service team. The team’s unique combination of subsea specialists and partners within Acteon and third parties enables it to recommend only what is necessary to answer a customer’s integration needs.

The field life service team creates and delivers integrated service offerings (ISO) that address complex challenges by promoting collaboration and connecting skills, technologies, products and services wherever they exist. The team will introduce customers that need simpler ISOs to Acteon operating companies that can deliver them more effectively on their own or with complementary technical expertise from associated operating companies.

When the integration of existing Acteon products and services is not enough to solve highly complex or long-term challenges, the field life service team can partner with customers in creating breakthrough solutions.

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