To do this, we have brought together various operating companies, all leading brands with complementary capabilities, through a combination of organic growth, a unique business model and targeted acquisitions.

Through our integrated services approach, we leverage the combined strengths, skills and experience of our operating companies and tailor them meet to your challenges. This enables us to support clients using unique skills and technologies across the entire life of a field, from exploration to decommissioning. It also ensures added customer value through integrated operations, strategic technical innovation and service excellence.

Many Acteon operating companies are recognised as leading service providers in their own rights and have strong client relationships. This is why we believe it is important to preserve the character, drive and technology focus of each brand as the Acteon group expands.

Providing depth of expertise, globally

Overall, our strategy enables Acteon to have global strength while using the expertise of local workforces to carry out projects. Acteon is represented in all the major offshore oil and gas capitals and is involved in projects in the world’s primary exploration and production arenas.

As a trusted global partner, we support our clients by delivering the highest levels of international compliance, outstanding quality, health, safety and environmental performance, a flexible, local workforce to support projects worldwide and market leadership in each area of activity.

  • Exec TeamRead more about the Acteon group’s executive team and their backgrounds and experience.
  • Our GroupFind out more about our commitment to our employees’ well-being, environmental and social governance, and our best-practice quality, health, safety and environmental management.
  • CapabilitiesSegmented into four key capability areas, our expertise encompasses surveying and monitoring, risers, moorings, seabed foundations and project support services.