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Digital technologies

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Connectivity and cloud-based computing create value through improved decision making

Digital technologies such as the Internet of Things and cloud-based resources have the potential to reduce the cost of operating subsea assets. Acteon operating companies are using them to make their own assets smarter and to enhance products and services for their customers.

A better way

Acteon strategic innovations enabled by digital technologies can greatly improve operators’ understanding of subsea equipment, facilities and personnel. They have the potential to reduce the cost and complexity of determining their performance and to improve the quality and timeliness of business decisions.

The use of a cloud-based storage and computing platform that hosts customer data and Acteon’s engineering insights, for example as machine-learning-derived digital models, engineering calculations and operability measures, gives decision makers rapid access to aggregated information and insights. Acteon works with Tessella, an international consulting services provider, and Arundo Analytics, an enterprise software company, for its IoT and cloud-based platform for data storage, streaming and computing capabilities. Our operating companies provide project management, develop machine-learned models and provide automation development expertise needed to complete digital technology enabled strategic innovations.

Lifetime gains

Strategic innovations enabled by digital technologies can increase operational uptime and asset life; reduce the risk of integrity failure with less intervention and better control of costs; and more accurately define operability. The performance of assets can be compared with design performance in near real-time by acquiring and streaming structural and other data to machine learning and other analytical models.

During field operations, digital technologies can inform operators’ procedures and improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of integrity management programmes. In late life, they can help operators to reduce the cost and complexity of determining the remaining asset life and make timely field life extension decisions. They can deliver faster reporting of asset performance and optimise future designs to reduce installation and operating costs.

Big Offshore wind-farm with transfer vessel Big Offshore wind-farm with transfer vessel
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