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22.09.15 Robust Kit and Quick Response Score Points

LDD exceeds expectations and proves why it was nominated as an operators specialist foundation installation supplier of choice, offshore Africa.

22.09.15 Pushing The Technology Envelope - A Benchmark Tripod Platform Design From 2H Offshore

A project that started out as a feasibility study for a freestanding exploration well is now a fully installed structure with the deepest well drilled to date in Dubai and a benchmark project for 2H Offshore.

22.09.15 Interact Heads Major Infrastructure Replacement Construction And Engineering Management Specialist Sees Growing Call Upgrades of Aging Infrastructure On The West Coast Of America

The need for higher capacity cranes that also meet strict new emission standards is leading to a rise in refurbishment and replacement projects on the west coast of the USA. As a result, construction and engineering management expertise at InterAct is in high demand.

22.09.15 UTEC Geomarine Successfully Completes Caspian Sea Project Using geoROV™ Technology

UTEC Geomarine, the geotechnical service line of UTEC Survey, an Acteon company, has successfully completed the first phase of a geotechnical site investigation in the Caspian Sea for a major oil and gas operator.

22.09.15 Floating production in China

Intermoor impresses with its Aisia Pacific resourcefulness

22.09.15 Creative Procedures

Permanent mooring systems for floating production units are becoming ever more substantial, and using traditional anchor-handling vessels to install them is proving increasingly challenging.

22.09.15 Bridging The Gap

Exploration and production operators are continually having to comply with more and ever changing regulations; to keep up with changing technology; and to adjust to the unstable economic climate of today’s oil and gas industry.

22.09.15 Bespoke Service Saves Total 70% On Its Centraliser Costs

Claxton’s personal approach to project delivery has seen it provide Total E&P Norge AS with savings of up to 70% for centralisers at the splash-zone level. This contract has also helped to propel the company to the position of de-facto number-one supplier of centralisers in the North Sea: more than 5000 of its units are now installed.

22.09.15 Aquatic awarded a multi-reel solution power cable project off Vancouver Island

Aquatic Engineering and Construction Ltd, an Acteon company, has been awarded a contract to lay power cables for the main provider of electricity in British Columbia, Canada.

20.08.15 Conductor Installation Services Installs

Conductor Installation Services (CIS), an Acteon company that provides hammer services to install conductors and drive piles, has successfully installed directional conductors to form the basis of two new production wells as part of a major project offshore Australia.