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Platform Rigless Well Abandonment

Claxton WellRaizer rigless recovery system


Our proven rigless well abandonment services enable decommissioning where access by a jack-up rig is infeasible or prohibitively expensive, and platform derricks are not serviceable or certified

Acteon delivers comprehensive, cost-effective, alternative solutions for the abandonment and decommissioning of platform wells. These services enable the decommissioning of many wells that are inaccessible using conventional rigs and make timely decommissioning an attractive proposition while responding to government and industry concerns and demonstrating sound environmental stewardship.

Our offer covers the complete scope of work: from planning and well reviews through engineering and execution to reporting and close-out, including subcontracting and managing vessel and well service contractors. It combines our procurement, project management and well engineering capabilities, and deploys our innovative rigless platform well abandonment techniques from a jack-up lift barge or platform which may no longer have a serviceable derrick.

The combination of our proprietary WellRaizer® modular conductor recovery and the SABRE® abrasive cutting systems enables us to plug at downhole intervals and cut and recover concentric cemented casing strings up to 36 in. in diameter to deliver a full platform well recovery solution.

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Our experts are on hand to answer any questions and devise a technical strategy to your challenge across the life of field.

Offshore jack-up barge and an oil tanker

Lower decommissioning costs

Our innovative technologies and integrated services make rigless well-decommissioning projects possible and substantially lower the costs of successfully plugging and abandoning wells and recovering tubulars compared with rig-based operations. These services are delivered by multiskilled crews under the direction of a single Acteon offshore supervisor to minimise the number of people aboard the facility.

We also offer innovative commercial terms and are sufficiently confident in our abilities to consider performance-based contracts.

The freedom to schedule decommissioning activities without considering rig availability has the potential to reduce costs further by enabling campaigns or multi-operator work scopes that maximise equipment and personnel utilisation.

Our integrated services make rigless well decommissioning possible from start to finish.


Project managed by the Acteon field life service team

The Acteon field life service team is central to delivering our integrated solutions. It helps customers to define their objectives and tailors the scope and specifications of each integrated service to meeting them. It also develops pricing and commercial models that align with customers’ management processes.

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Decommissioning Services Decommissioning Services
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All offshore oil and gas installations must eventually be decommissioned. Increasingly, the pressure is on the operators or licensees of redundant fields and suspended wells to act sooner rather than later. Download this e-book for fresh thinking and technical innovation to reduce field abandonment costs.

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Acteon is a leading engineering and service provider for the removal of wells and offshore infrastructure. We offer bespoke decommissioning solutions that are safe, fit for purpose and commercially attractive to customers. Discover five key projects where we have solved our customer’s biggest challenges.